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"18 CM Clinics" Mobile App 

The Hospital Authority (HA) launched the mobile application "18 CM Clinics" on June 28. With the app, members of the public can view quota status at Chinese Medicine Clinics cum Training and Research Centres (CMCTRs), and make episodic appointment for Government-subsidised Chinese Medicine Services on the same day or next working day anytime and anywhere.

With intuitive functions of the app, users not only can view or cancel scheduled appointment, but also access information and latest news of CMCTRs. The app provides the public with a simple, easy-to-use and informative mobile platform. As long as patients have registered for any of the 18 CMCTRs service before, they can use the app without a separate registration. 

User Guides

Appointment Booking

Enquiry/Cancellation of Appointment

Clinic Info and Bookmark Function

General Information

If you have registered for services in any of the 18 Chinese Medicine Clinics cum Training and Research Centres before, you can use “18 CM Clinics” to make episodic appointment for subsidised Chinese Medicine services.

To optimise the use of resources, “18 CM Clinics” would identify the earliest available consultation session for episodic diseases today or in the next working day and allocate consultation timeslot on a sequential basis. If you do not accept the offered timeslot, you may give up the offer and choose to search for available quota in other sessions that day or in the next working day, such as morning, afternoon. The system would allocate the earliest available timeslot in your selected session depending on quota availability.

No. “18 CM Clinics” allows patients with episodic diseases (e.g. influenza, cough) to reserve consultation timeslot of subsidised Chinese Medicine services available on that day and next working day.

You can search your future appointment details, including episodic and follow-up appointment, of Government Subsidised Chinese Medicine Outpatient Services after inputting your personal information and "Booked Clinic" on “Enquiry” page in “18 CM Clinics”. After appointment booking, you may also add the appointment details to the personal calendar of your mobile by clicking the calendar icon on “Appointment Details” page.

The Government has announced in the 2018 Policy Address that Chinese Medicine (CM) would be incorporated into the healthcare system in Hong Kong and a development framework would be implemented with increased resources to develop CM services including government subsidised outpatient services provided by the 18 Chinese Medicine Clinics cum Training and Research Centres at district level. For more details: Government Subsidised Services

“18 CM Clinics” provides an additional means for the general public to make episodic appointments for Government Subsidised Services including general consultation and acupuncture. Since the provision of bone-setting/tui-na treatments varies amongst Chinese Medicine Clinics cum Training and Research Centres (CM Clinics), you may contact respective CM Clinics for enquiries if appointment could not be made via mobile app.

"18 CM Clinics" is available in Chinese and English, supporting mobile devices with operating system version iOS11.0/ Android 5.0 or above. Members of the public can enjoy free download from the “Apple App Store”, “Google Play” and "HUAWEI AppGallery".

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