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Additional Terms for Specific Services

"Managing Appointments”

  1. “18 CM Clinics” provides one of the means for the public to manage their appointments (“CM Appointments”) for government subsidised Chinese medicine and out-patient services (“Subsidized CM Services”) at CMCTRs.

  2. Quota status of the Subsidized CM Services in each CMCTRs for the eligible patients to make a CM Appointment would be continuously updated, including quotas released back to the system upon cancellation of CM Appointments by patients. The HA gives no express or implied guarantee or warranty that quota must be available on “18 CM Clinics” for making a CM Appointment at your designated time slot or clinic.

  3. If you are unable to attend your scheduled CM Appointment for the Subsidized CM Services booked via “18 CM Clinics”, you are encouraged to cancel your CM Appointment as soon as possible and at least one hour before the scheduled appointment time. The HA reserves the right to suspend or stop providing the services to you on “18 CM Clinics” if you fail to attend the CM Appointments booked via “18 CM Clinics”.

  4. If you are accessing and/or managing any CM Appointments for others, you shall ensure that the person whom you assist to access and/or manage his/her HA Appointment(s) is an eligible person as determined by the HA for receiving the Subsidized CM Services at the CMCTRs and he/she has read and acknowledged the Terms of Use, including the Privacy Policy, of “18 CM Clinics” and you have obtained his/her consent to use and provide his/her personal data and/or appointment information via “18 CM Clinics” in relation to your access and/or management of his/her CM Appointment(s). If you do not have any consent from such person, you are not authorized to access and/or manage him/her CM Appointment(s). You must not use his/her personal data and/or appointment information for any unauthorized action(s) and/or in any way(s) other than in accordance with the Terms of Use of “18 CM Clinics”.

  5. Please ensure that any personal data or appointment information of you or any person provided by you on “18 CM Clinics” are true, correct and accurate. The HA shall not be responsible for any failure to book, enquire about, cancel or attend a CM Appointment due to the provision of false, incorrect or inaccurate personal data or appointment information of a patient." 



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