Special Chinese Medicine Programme for COVID-19 In-patients


Special Chinese Medicine (CM) Out-patient Programme for COVID-19 infected persons (COVID-19 CM Rehabilitation Service) - completed

The Hospital Authority launched the “Special CM Out-patient Programme for COVID-19 infected persons” (Programme) in April 2020 to provide CM out-patient services as part of rehabilitation for COVID-19 patients locally confirmed (eligible Hong Kong residents only) with post-COVID conditions who had completed isolation at tripartite CM Clinic cum Training and Research Centres (CMCTRs).  This special programme is valid within 6 months from date of completion of isolation of the concerned patient.

With the resumption of normalcy, the Government cancelled the arrangement of issuing isolation orders to infected persons from January 30, 2023 and adjusted the anti-epidemic measures, the Programme shall be completed in 6 months after the date of the last quarantine order issued, i.e. the last service provision date would be on July 28, 2023.

The 18 CMCTRs has all along been providing Government-subsidised CM services and non-subsidised CM services.  Patients with clinical need can seek consultations at the 18 CMCTRs or other CM services in the community.  For information of CM service providers in the community, please refer to the Primary Care Directory – Chinese Medicine Practitioner.